Direct Install Equipment Upgrades

The MEA Program can help you start your property’s energy efficiency upgrades. Contact us to discuss your property. We will help determine your eligibility and provide guidance on where to start, which may include installation of direct install equipment in tenant units.

All installations will be completed in tenant units for direct install to properties or tenants by an authorized Trade Professional vetted, selected, and provided by the MEA Program.




Efficient Showerhead (In Dwelling Unit)1.5 Gallons Per Minute (GPM)$0$0
Faucet Aerator, Kitchen (In Dwelling Unit)1.5 GPM$0$0
Faucet Aerator, Bath (In Dwelling Unit)1.0 GPM$0$0
Recirculating Pump Controller for Central Domestic Hot Water (Common Area and In Dwelling Unit)**The measure includes pumps installed with variable frequency drives, integrated or remote sensors, and control systems that respond to hot water loop temperature.$0$0
Pipe and Fitting Insulation for Domestic Hot Water (Outdoor or Indoor) (Common Area and In Dwelling Unit)1” of insulation Eligible coverage area is from outlet of the water tank to adjacent wall Installation must be on bare, non-insulated piping$0$0
Tankless Water Heater (In unit, boiler room, or other)***Tier 2: 0.87-0.91 Uniform Energy Factor (UEF)$500$1000
Tier 3: 0.92-0.95 UEF$500$1000
Tier 4: ≥0.96 UEF$500$1000

*For eligible customers only. Your MEA account manager will help determine eligibility.

**If there is a boiler controller previously installed at this site or if the property has hydronic heating, the property may be ineligible for this measure. Your MEA account manager will help determine eligibility.

***Number of units served by product must be one to qualify



Tenant unit efficiency improvements help conserve natural gas and may lead to:

  • Reduced energy and water usage and associated costs
  • Improved tenant comfort and satisfaction
  • Decreased maintenance time and expense

How you Qualify

  • Must hold an active SoCalGas service account on residential or multifamily rates (GR, GM)
  • Must be a residential multifamily complex of existing construction with two or more dwelling units
  • The property must not have received a rebate or incentive from SoCalGas for the same equipment within the past five years
  • Equipment will be directly installed by a Trade Professional by the program to meet energy efficiency requirements

Next Steps

Simply contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation with a MEA account manager, who will help you confirm eligibility, discuss upgrade options, and provide guidance throughout your participation process.

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