Equipment Rebates

Your property may be eligible for rebates on the energy-efficient equipment for both tenant units and common areas listed below. Your MEA account manager can help you confirm eligibility, discuss options for your property, and help you complete and submit your rebate application. Contact us for support.





Pool and Spa Heater Rebates

Pool and Spa Heater

Must replace existing pool heater, have an “on/off” switch and no pilot light. GN-10 rate Properties (e.g., homeowner associations) do not qualify. For a list of qualifying heaters click here.

In Common Area≥ 0.84 Thermal Efficiency (TE)$3 per mBtu$3.48 per mBtu
Furnace Rebates
Furnace, Central High EfficiencyIn Dwelling UnitENERGY STAR® qualified, ≥95% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE)$250 per unit$290 per unit
Laundry Rebates
ENERGY STAR MOST EFFICIENT CLOTHES WASHERIn Dwelling Unit≥ 2.92 IMEF & ≤ 3.2 IWF$100 per unit$116 per unit
ENERGY STAR CLOTHES DRYERIn Dwelling Unit≥ 3.48 CEF$50 per unit$58 per unit
Water Heating and Controller Rebates
Storage Water Heater, up to 50 gallonsIn Dwelling Unit≥ 0.64 Uniform Energy Factor (UEF)$200 per unit $232 per unit
Tankless Water Heater*In unit, boiler room, or other≥ 0.87 UEF$1,000 per unit $1,160 per unit 

Boilers Controllers

If there is a boiler controller previously installed at this site or if the property has a recirculating pump control or hydronic heating, the property may be ineligible for this measure. Your MEA account manager will help determine eligibility.

Common AreaTemperature modulation for minimizing the supply and return water temperatures and minimizing piping heat lossesBuildings w/≤35 Household (HH):          
$17.50/HH, $700 max per unit          
Buildings with >35 HH:          
$35/HH, $1,400 max per unit
Buildings w/≤35 Household (HH):          
$20.30/HH per unit, $812 max          
Buildings with >35 HH:          
$40.60/HH, $1,624 max per unit

*Number of units served by product must be one to qualify 

**For eligible customers only. Your MEA account manager will help determine eligibility.


Tenant unit and common area efficiency improvements help conserve natural gas and may lead to:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved tenant and employee comfort and satisfaction
  • Decreased maintenance time and expense

INCREASED REBATES FOR QUALIFYING PROPERTIES: The MEA Program is pleased to offer certain qualifying properties a rebate that is 16% higher than the standard rebate offered through the Program. Your MEA account manager will confirm your eligibility for increased rebates; qualifying factors include:

  • Property located in a Disadvantaged Community as defined by CalEnviroScreen
  • Majority of tenants speak a primary language other than English
  • Tenants must meet California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) guidelines (listed at

EQUIPMENT SELECTION SUPPORT: Your MEA account manager can provide guidance in selecting equipment that          
meets Program requirements. Contact us at or 1-844-523-9981 for support.           

How you Qualify

  • Must hold an active SoCalGas service account on residential or multifamily rates (GR, GM)
  • Must be a residential multifamily complex of existing construction with two or more dwelling units
  • The property must not have received a rebate or incentive from SoCalGas for the same equipment within the past five years
  • All installed equipment must meet the Program's requirements

Program Requirements

  • All equipment must be new natural gas-fired equipment. Fuel switching does not qualify.
  • Qualifying equipment must be purchased and installed between January 1, 2023, and December 31, 2023. In addition, the purchase date of the equipment must be within the calendar year that the application is submitted unless indicated otherwise.
  • All required efficiencies must exceed Title 20 and 24 standards.*
  • Equipment must meet the Program's technical specifications. Your account manager will provide guidance on equipment-specific information. Find equipment that can qualify for SoCalGas rebates by visiting
  • All projects are subject to inspection by SoCalGas. Applicants are required to provide two geo-tagged photos of each installed measure. Alternatively, an in-person or virtual inspection can be arranged.

*Title 20 refers to California Appliance Efficiency Regulations; Title 24 outlines California Building Energy Efficiency Standards. Please visit the California Energy Commission website for more information.

Next Steps

New to the Program? Simply contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation with a MEA account manager, who will help you confirm eligibility, discuss upgrade options, and provide guidance throughout your participation process. 

Ready to Apply for Rebates? Your MEA account manager is available to provide step-by-step support throughout your purchase, installation, and rebate application process. The MEA Program allows customers to apply online or complete a standard rebate application. 

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