How to Participate

Simply Contact us to schedule a program screening appointment. If your property is eligible for no-cost equipment upgrades, your MEA account manager will guide you through all participation steps.

How to Apply for No-Cost Equipment

  1. Contact us to confirm participation and equipment eligibility.
  2. Work with the contractor of your choice* to install eligible equipment.
  3. Submit your program application and required documentation (see details below).
  4. Complete any required equipment verification or inspections.
  5. Receive your rebate and enjoy your new energy-efficient equipment.

Income eligible multifamily property owners could receive energy-efficiency service for the common areas of their property at no-cost through the Multifamily Common Area Measures (CAM). For more information click here.

(opens in a new tab)Download PDF Application

Required Documentation: 

  • A copy of a recent SoCalGas bill for the natural gas account serving the energy-efficient product. Address and account number must match the name, site address and account number on the application.
  • A copy of PAID IN FULL receipt(s), contractor invoice(s), or home improvement contract(s) for qualified program elements. NOTE: Cash on delivery (COD) and estimates are not acceptable proof of payment.
  • Receipts/invoices must show a zero balance and list: 
    • Vendor Name and Info  
    • Purchase Date 
    • Product Manufacturer, Model Number, Serial Number(s) 
  • Photo of the installed equipment. Photo location must be enabled on the submitted digital photos.
  • FOR BOILER CONTROLLER INSTALLATIONS ONLY: Two geo-tagged photos of each eligible boiler controller installed is required for rebate payment. Photo location must be enabled on the submitted digital photos. Both photos should clearly show the boiler itself and the boiler controller. The photo should clearly display the location within the property where the equipment is installed. We strongly recommend instructing the installation contractor to capture the location-enabled photos during installation.

Contact us for support in completing your application or gathering the required documentation noted above.  

Application Submittal 

You can either complete a PDF application for submittal via email to or by mail to:

MEA Program 
c/o ICF 

555 W. 5th Street 
Suite 3100 
Los Angeles, CA 90013

*If working with a contractor, that contractor must hold a current Contractors State License Board (CSLB) license relevant and applicable to the work being performed. Contractors installing Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) measures must complete additional required Program documentation and requirements in compliance with California Public Utilities Commission Code section 399.4(b). Equipment installations are subject to Program verification procedures. See the Program’s Terms and Conditions for complete details.